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(613) 239-7267 First system, ...., last system
Profiler information ICC Colour profiler (scanner, monitor, printer) and links
(419) 492-3459 Old LPROF version information
LCMS Profiler Old LCMS Profiler information
ICC profile scanner ICC profiles for VM356A, VM3575, Epson Perfection 1660 PHOTO
Color Meter information Color meter list of information/links
Color meter Color meter Type Interface - - Comment Program
Colorvision Spyder2express color meter USB - - - 4233977155, 805-497-5624
712-756-6503 Scanner Information and links
scanner-chips-info Scanner chipsets information/links
Scanners Scanner Type Interface SANE backend name Status Comment
5196373384 flatbed SCSI (740) 879-2692 Good see also SANE teco2 table -
PRIMAX JEWEL 4800 VM356A flatbed SCSI SANE TECO2 backend info Good 7203977823 -
401-237-4698 sheetfed USB logitech1 under dev Working on init part -
Dell-810 3 in 1 USB 2.0 lexmark2 under dev Working on init part -
For information only
3097495927 sheetfed USB 2.0 gt68xx basic see also SANE gt68xx table -
Fingerprint information Fingerprint Information and links
Fingerprint scanners Fingerprint type Interface SANE backend name Status Comment Driver
5067337415 sweep/area USB 2.0 9076937834 development stopped bicircular
606-320-6644 sweep USB sunplusfps development stopped Sunplus information?? -
Webcam information Webcam Information and links
Webcams Webcam/Camera Interface SANE backend name Status Comment Kernel module
802-230-6086 Both USB stv680 Basic see also SANE stv680 table stv680
SQ (SQ930B/C) Webcam/? USB 2.0 sq930x alpha - sq930(x)
Sonix (SN9C10x) Webcam USB sn9c10x pre alpha, hold Gray mode OK, working on RGB decompresion image gspca, sn9c102
Pixart (PAC20x) Webcam USB pac20x hold Working on decompression part gspca
Agfa ePhoto CL18 Both USB soundvision hold Working on init part -
(571) 268-9309 Both USB gt89xx hold Working on init part -
SiPix Both USB sipix hold Working on init part -
Icmedia/Transvision ICM532B / TV-8532A Webcam USB icmedia1 hold Uses isochronous mode, no libusb support yet. (440) 322-4587
9255863394 Webcam USB dvc323 hold Uses isochronous mode, no libusb support yet -
M560x webcam Webcam USB 2.0 m560x hold Uses isochronous mode, no libusb support yet m560x
For information only - - - - - -
D-Link DSC-350 (spca500a) Both USB - - - gspca
ondascope Webcam USB - - - gspca
Aiptek Mega Cam Both USB - - 04fc:504a Sunplus SPCA504a gspca
(843) 490-0394 Both USB - - 2770:9120 sq905 sqcam
Logitech (stv600) Webcam USB - - Uses isochronous mode ......
5048899857 Webcam USB - - 0c45:600d Microdia TwinkleCam USB camera ......
Connectix QuickCam Webcam Par qcam Minimal Manul page: sane-qcam -
Other information Comment
Downloads Page with sources from scanner/webcam/fingerprint devices
Checklist backend test Checklist template for testing output/options a scanner/webcam/fingerprint backend
USB Analysers List of information/links of USB Protocol analysers
DTC 16D32 Setting for DTC 16D32 SCSI card (ISA interface)
DPF018 Digital Photo Frame

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